Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association(BARVIDA)

It is my great pleasure to launch the web portal of Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association (BARVIDA).

As we have taken charge of BARVIDA by winning a landslide victory in the last biennial election in July 2019, we are committed to take BARVIDA into a new height.

Since after taking charge of this organization the present Executive Committee is working relentlessly to improve the image of the Association. At the same time we are extending our all out effort to develop the institutional capacity of BARVIDA.

It is a great satisfaction for me to work for establishing BARVIDA which gradually grew as one of the largest revenue generation sector of the country. Since 80s BARVIDA started import of environment friendly Japanese vehicles to meet the demand of the private sector of the country. We have been contributing greatly for the last 3 decades in the transport sector of the country supplying around 85% of the total vehicles.

We are Happy to launch the BARVIDA web portal in line with the digital transformation of the present Government. The history & objectives of the association, its activities and all the members profile will be displayed at the web portal. It will also contain the online application form for the upcoming members with necessary information.

I hope that the BARVIDA web portal will be rich with all necessary information to serve the members, the customers, stakeholders and all the users as well.

I hope the BARVIDA web portal all Success.

Abdul Haque
President, BARVIDA.

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